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Happy Easter!

posted by andielim on April 23, 2011 7:15 am

Hi everyone!

Just a short post to share a couple of simple designs I did for easter.

Pink and white polka dots!

Red easter eggs!

Sorry for the lousy quality of the pictures again. These are from my phone as I was too busy to take proper pics with my camera.

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! Have a great Easter Sunday! :)


Konad love

posted by andielim on April 9, 2011 6:01 am

Hi all!

I bought a couple of nail polishes online the other day. Was impressed with how quickly they arrived, and they were so cheap too!

Left: Teenage Dream (Katy Perry collection!!!); Right: Dulce De Leche

I've only tried Dulce De Leche so far cos I was more interested in seeing how it'd look like on my nails. This is with and without flash

Its a really nice brownish-pink colour. Kinda nude as well. And because I'm me, I just couldnt leave it plain for long. I stamped a design from one of my latest konad plates the next day. Was thinking of showing step-by-step of how I stamp my nails since many people have no idea how konad works. This was what I did!

Using this design:

The following steps have to be done quickly before the polish dries! After choosing your design, paint over it with a polish of your choice! Its easier with konad special polish, which was what I used here. Some polishes dry quickly, and its hard to work with them. Some polishes are not as opaque with one coat, so the design doesn't show as well.

Using a scraper, scrape off the excess polish!


Next, using a stamp, pressed hard on the design,

The image should transfer nicely! Check first to see if its nice. If not, then re-do the above steps.

Next, aim and roll on your nails!

Its always easier when you've protected your base colour with a top coat before stamping on the design. This makes it easy to remove any stamping mistakes without touching the base colour. Wait awhile before painting your top coat over the design as you may smudge the design if you paint your top coat too soon.

Here's a nicer picture taken with natural sunlight. You can see my stamping wasn't perfect.

Thanks for reading! :D


birthday haul

posted by andielim on April 2, 2011 10:18 am

Hi all!

My birthday was last week and I received nail polish as gifts! So happy about them and I've decided to do my first ever haul post. I've already started using some of them, so you'll be able to see how they look like.

Okay, first up! Konad plates and konad special polishes!!!

konad plates m70 (left) & s10 (right). I think the s10 plate is really cute. I'll definitely try to use them for easter nails, so excited (and bimbotic)! My bf got them for me cos I went nail shopping and he decided to pay for them since he didn't know what to get me. I spent a lot of time in the konad shop but didn't want to splurge on so many plates at once cos I was really walking towards my usual OPI shop but got distracted when I saw this shop selling konad stuff! I used to have to buy them online but now i can easily buy them here!

These are the konad special polishes he got me as well

Even though I like choosing whatever colour I have from my polish collection to do my konad stamping, the special polishes are a lot easier to work with. I had my nails stamped within 10 minutes! Not  kidding. :P I chose the big bottles for black and white cos I figured I would use them the most. The yellow bottle at the far right looks different from the smaller ones in the middle cos the yellow bottle is from the pastel collection.

I've already used the black polish and the m70 plate. Here's how it looks like:

So pretty right? I'm so happy with my new konad stuff.

After the konad shop, I finally made my way to my original destination to get OPI polish. I didn't get much though since I already got some konad stuff.


Left - right: Black Shatter, Princess Rules, Its Totally Fort Worth It

Its Totally Fort Worth It was actually bought another day, and its not a birthday gift from anyone. I just wanted to add it in the picture since its bought recently and I've still not used it yet.

Here's how Princess Rules looks like:

I really wanted to get Katy Perry's Teenage Dream but it was sold out. I put my name on the waiting list and got Princess Rules as a substitute for the time being. I think its super gorgeous though.

Black Shatter is awesome. I like watching the polish crack on my nails, just so amazing. haha.

One thing I noticed was that Black Shatter dries soo quickly. I guess thats one of the qualities that makes the polish crack. So the bottle should not be left opened for long as it'll ruin your polish soon. The salesgirl at the shop taught me the trick to making the polish crack nicely. If you want bigger pieces of shatter, then paint the polish on thickly. If you want the polish to crack more evenly, then paint it on thinly and it will look like my thumbnail in the picture below.

Btw, Black Shatter & Princess Rules go so well together! The reason why I bought Princess Rules as a substitute was because I really like how the Black Shatter looks like on Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. The shimmery pink peeking out from under the black shatter is so pretty.

My good friend Grace also bought me polishes for my birthday! These are the MAC polishes that she got me

left: Frayed to Order; right: Biker Blue

I've already tried Frayed to Order, and its a gorgeous milky white with a hint of shimmery pink. The polish actually dries matte, which was quite surprising to me. I had a MAC polish before but I don't remember that happening. Do all MAC polishes dry matte?

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, the above is without top coat. I think its kinda cool, just like the OPI matte collection. If you want it matte, leave it as it is, if not, just paint on a top coat. Oh yeah, the polish dries really fast, just like Black Shatter. Again, can't keep the bottle opened for long if you wanna "prolong its lifespan". I've not tried Biker Blue, but I'll post pictures when I have!

Here's how Frayed to Order looks like with a top coat on. It actually kind of reminds me of OPI's Who Needs A Prince.

Lastly, here's my konad special blue polish with plate m70 on top of Frayed to Order:

Thanks for reading! :)


More water marbling and moonicures...

posted by andielim on March 26, 2011 9:54 am

Hi everyone!

So since I can't seem to get enough of water marbling and moonicures, I tried to capture step-by-step snapshots of how I actually do them. Sadly, I'm quite bad at this and I missed out certain steps. This was all done at night after work, so give me some credit for trying! hehe.

First up, water marbling! Can't believe I actually forgot to take a pic of the nail polish in the water... that's supposed to be the most important part. Oh well, I'll try again next time. I painted Alpine Snow by OPI as my base colour as the colours will probably show up better on a white base. 

This is just one thin coat which I didn't bother painting perfectly since it can't be seen. Next, I wrapped my fingers in scotch tape! For me, this is the tedious part of the whole process.

And my fingernails are all ready to be dipped in the water marbling! Next step is to drop my nail polish onto the surface of the water. Alternate the colours and they should form rings of colours and should look somewhat like a bulls eye board after you've dropped the different nail polishes on the water a few times alternately. Use a toothpick to form a design out of the polishes on the surface of the water and dip your fingernail in!

and tadah! This isn't really pretty and I know my description isnt very helpful. hehe. this will have to do for now, i'll try to show the process better the next time round.

I gave up with the water marbling halfway through that night as I was getting sleepy and I could tell it would take a long time to get all my nails done. So I switched to a moonicure design instead!

This is how I paint my moonicures. I don't use reinforcement ring stickers, cos I don't have any lying around in the house. Instead, I first paint the "moon" colour halfway onto my nail like this:

I don't paint the colour fully as I don't need it to go all the way. Oh yeah, pardon my yellow nails... i've just been painting my nails too often. :P

Next, I steady my hand and paint a semicircle guide with a contrasting colour to mark out the moon like this:

I don't really bother about the polish on the skin as I will go back and clean that up later on. So once the semicircle is marked out, the rest is pretty simple and I just fill up the rest of my nails.

Final result:

It isn't that hard painting the moonicure free hand without the reinforcement ring stickers! This is my left hand (which is also my dominant hand) and it is harder to paint on this hand:

At least when you paint free hand, you don't have the problem of your polish peeling off when you remove the reinforcement ring stickers.

Anyway, what do you guys think about the moonicure style? I'm getting the feeling that it isn't very popular as compared to other manicures.  Thanks for reading guys! :)



posted by andielim on March 19, 2011 8:38 am

Wow, i'm finally blogging after 4 months?! I've been trying periodically to update this blog but I've always had problems uploading images so I gave up. Today I finally realised that Internet Explorer might be the problem so I switched to Google Chrome and tadah! I'm finally able to blog with pictures.

I've still been painting my nails really often, just that I didnt have the chance to update this space. Well, even though Chinese New Year has been over for more than 2 months, I'm gonna post up some pictures of nails I did for my best friend and myself for the lunar new year celebrations.

I did this for my best friend, purple butterflies konad on OPI Bubble Bath base with silver glitter polish on the tips:

This was my nails, I drew a bunny face on my ring finger after watch frmheadtotoe's easter tutorial. Why bunny? Its the year of the rabbit! I painted rounded gold tips cos I just had to have some gold for my lunar new year nails. For my base colour, I used one of my fave polishes, OPI Mod About You. Its such a pretty opaque baby pink colour.

Next, I'm gonna post a few other pictures of manicures I took with my Blackberry. Pardon the picture quality, my bb's camera is really lousy.

Here's a ladybugs manicure! I love this so much! These are soo cute and fun to do. Although theres a lot of patience required, especially when drawing the straight lines down the center. As you can tell, there are lots of imperfections.

This is a Dita von Tesse inspired moonicure. Yes, I know it has been done too many times already, but I just had to try it! I used OPI Curry Up Don't Be Late for the gold. When I first got this nail polish, I was so excited cos it looked gorgeous in the bottle. But on my nails, it looks horrible! And I'm not the only one who had this experience for this nail polish.

I then tried the moonicure style with other colours. Black and silver! I thought this reminded me of Black Swan, but my sis didn't see it that way at all. Oh well, what do you think? :P

Sorry for the horrible picture quality! Like I said, my bb's camera is really lousy.

Here's something else that I've recently decided to try! Water marbling!!! Its super messy and tricky to do, but it was fun and the manicure looked pretty nice to me!

I think I'll be trying more water marbling manicures soon when I have the time!

Thats all! Bye! :)


Christmas II: Snowflakes

posted by andielim on November 27, 2010 8:46 am

I painted my nails today cos its the weekends, YAY! I did another christmas nail look but I didn't come up with the entire thing by myself. I wanted to do a snowflakes design but couldn't decide on exactly how to draw the snowflakes til I saw Szuchnic's nail art tutorial on Youtube! Her nail design had the nicest snowflakes I've seen so far so I decided to try out hers.

Here's how it looks like

These aren't exactly like Szuchnic's though. She used a red base and she didnt use holographic glitter flecks.

Before I started painting, I wasn't sure whether the final look would be even close to what I wanted. Then when I was halfway done with drawing the snowflakes, I got a bit sad cos I thought it didn't look very nice and I wanted to remove the whole thing. I just went ahead with it anyway cos I was rushing to get them done and go out for lunch. I think the design turned out pretty well eventually! :)

I used Yoga-ta Get This Blue by OPI for the blue base colour

This blue is almost metallic looking and is a really deep blue. Its opaque with one coat but I did two coats cos the first coat wasn't very perfect. I'm glad that my mom bought this polish cos now I have another deep blue option when I feel like painting dark colours. Yes, I do paint just solid colours on my nails even though it doesn't look like it on this blog. :P

To draw the snowflakes, I used Etude House's nail art pen in White.

It was really hard drawing the snowflakes, especially the tiny ones. AND especially on my left hand which is my dominant hand. You really gotta have a steady hand when doing such nail art.

Still, the nail art pen was really helpful in drawing the snowflakes and the little white dots which I call "snowflecks".

I'm just glad that snowflakes are not identical so I could draw them a little differently when I had a hard time keeping my hand steady.

I painted on Golden Rainbow by OPI after I was done with the snowflakes. Its just a glitter polish with some holographic flecks.

I'm actually really pleased with how it turned out! It looks even nicer in real life cos its hard to capture the glitter and the holographic flecks nicely in pictures.

Here are the products that I've used!

Thanks for reading! :)



posted by andielim on November 20, 2010 7:40 am

I have 2 xmas looks to share with everyone today. I know its only November but I can't help getting into the xmas mood. :D

This is the first one

Oh yes, this is proof of how good my Seche Vite top coat is. The above pic was taken 10 days after I painted my nails! I did not touch them up at all and I was hitting away at my keyboard the whole time. This was taken before I painted my nails again and I had mixed feelings about removing them cos they still looked so good but I was already getting bored of them. This is xmassy to me cos it kinda reminds me of candy canes!

I used Who Needs A Prince by OPI for the base colour

Next, I rolled on a swirly design from konad image plate 63 using Extravagance by OPI's Designer Series

You can probably see imperfections but its extremely difficult to transfer perfect images from the konad plates 100% of the time. The above pic looks about the same as the nails in the pic taken after 10 days right? I love my Seche Vite top coat so much!

These are the products I used for this design.

Thats the first xmas look. Well, technically its the second, cos my royal french manicure in my previous post is really xmassy to me too! Heh. This is the next xmas nails.

Its really simple but really pretty at the same time. I like it a lot but I think I might get bored of it pretty soon. This isn't one colour though, I used two different polishes.

My base colour was a pink polish by Jill Stuart. I think its 04, I can't find any name anywhere on the bottle.

The bottle is really pretty by the way! All beauty products by Jill Stuart are packaged really prettily and girly. If I'm not wrong, this nail polish was bought in Taiwan cos Singapore doesn't have Jill Stuart (I typed Kill Stuart by accident but quickly backspaced it LOL) yet. :(

Here's how the top of the bottle looks like

After the pink, I painted on Coronation by OPI's Designer Series. I seem to be using Designer Series for the xmas looks but thats cos the Designer Series polishes are all so shimmery and I tend to associate xmas designs with shimmer and glitter. heh.

These are the products used!

Here are the two designs side by side! Which one do you prefer? :P

Thanks for reading! :D


Royal french manicure

posted by andielim on November 8, 2010 6:32 am

Hi everyone!

I painted my nails last friday because it was a public holiday and I didn't have to work! Okay, technically it was a holiday, but I still had to work from home on my laptop. Well, I did find time to paint my nails, hehe.

I'm only calling this a "royal" french manicure cos of the purple that I used for the tips and purple is a royal colour. Anyway, I've done this manicure before many times and it is one of my favourite ways to do a french manicure when I'm bored of the classic french but still just want to paint the tips of my nails. Actually, they do look kinda christmassy to me, so they are kinda XMAS inspired as well. hahaha. Thats why I really like this design!

Alright, first I painted the tips of my nails with Purple With A Purpose by OPI. This is by far my favourite purple polish. My best friend helped me to buy my bottle in the States at a great price. Before that, I would always go to cheap salons to get it painted on horribly for 5 bucks just cos I like the colour so much.

Since my nails aren't in the pink of health (literally!), I painted a layer of Pink of Hearts by OPI after my OPI base coat as usual. The lines of the purple tips do not exactly have to be perfect to me cos I'm gonna go over them with a silver polish. I'm using the silver nail art polish by L.A. Art Deco here. I think I must have about sixteen different colours. They are really affordable and comes in so many colours. The last time I checked the website, I think they updated with many new colours. Now I feel like getting more.

This is the final look! What do you guys think? :)

Here are the products that I've used.

Sorry I didn't take many pictures. I was rushing the manicure and my work proposal alternately. lol.

Anyway, I painted my older sis' nails last night! I did a pink graduation design on her nails. I must say that I still need lots of practice doing graduation nail art...her nails didn't turn out exactly how I hoped they would. Oh well, practice makes perfect! I'll just show a picture of her nails here cos I figured that I'm not even blogging often and showing more than one design per post would make my blog more interesting. :P

Here's a picture of what I did on her nails:

The picture quality isn't that good either. On her nails, I used three different colours from OPI. I can only remember the base colour which was Who Needs A Prince and the final colour which was Extravagance. I really love Extravagance by OPI and I even have them on my toes now! Don't think I'll ever post pictures of my pedicures though cos I'm a little self-conscious about showing everyone my toes. LOL.

Gonna get ready for bed now... working makes one tired easily. Hope you enjoyed reading this short post! Come back for more! I have quite a few nail designs in mind for XMAS and I think I'm gonna start doing them once I have the time. :)



Leopard Prints!

posted by andielim on October 29, 2010 6:19 am

Hey everyone!

Leopard prints is one of my fave nail art designs to do! I know lots of girls out there have done the leopard print design, and everyone does it differently I think! So this is just MY WAY of doing leopard prints for my nails. :)

I used flash again because I did my nails at night after work! Like I said before, I can probably only do my nails at night or the weekends cos I've started work. Not that I'm complaining cos I'm happy to be working! :D

Alright, so I like having a natural nail base for my leopard prints. Some girls use brown or gold or whatever their preference, but when I first experimented the leopard spots on my natural nail base, I liked it best that way! My nails are definitely not looking pinkish or healthy cos of all the painting I do (if anyone knows how to keep nails pink and healthy despite painting all the time, tell me!). So since my nails look kinda gross, I like to paint a thin layer of pink polish on my nails after my base coat!

I'm using Pink of Hearts by OPI here. This is my favourite pink when I want my nails to look simple and natural. And I usually paint just one thin layer! I also use as a base for quite a few designs, like french manicure for example. My nails in my Minnie Mouse post was my natural nail colour though.

Next, I paint on the spots of the leopard and I like the spots to be gold instead of yellow or brown.

The polish that I use here is the gold nail art polish from L.A. Art Deco and the brush is a really thin one. I like to place the dots really randomly with no particular pattern cos they are leopard spots! They shouldn't even be of the same size or it'll just be too uniform, IMO!

Then I'll paint on the black lines around the gold spots

The black polish I used is also from L.A. Art Deco. As you can see, the black lines are also drawn around the gold spots randomly! I don't try to close up the gold spots with the black. The randomness is also good because I don't have to try so hard to make everything the same. :P

These are the products that I've used and mentioned!

I don't know if you can see, I've used a lot of the pink polish cos it really is my fave! If it ever runs out or gets inconsistent, I'll definitely repurchase!

I took a clearer picture the next day with natural sunlight cos I managed to get home early from work. Hope you guys like this and thanks for supporting my blog by reading it! I also appreciate the comments coming in! :)

Oh, the above is a pic of my left hand and its harder to paint on my left hand cos I'm a leftie! But I still think it turned out well! :D My colleagues also noticed and complimented my nails, but oddly only the guys noticed so far. I guess guys can appreciate such stuff too! :P


Fall Inspired Graduation and Music Notes

posted by andielim on October 23, 2010 6:07 am


I'm back with a new post and a new nail design everyone! Thanks everyone for the support shown here, my previous blog post with my sister's nautical nails was even featured on Onsugar's official blog! :D

Today I did a fall inspired graduation design on my nails, with fall colours gold and purple. Yes, Singapore doesn't have a fall season and I'm still doing a fall inspired nail look. :P Anyway, for those who don't know, a graduation design means a colour gradually fading into another colour along the nail. Here's a picture of my nails for a better idea of what I'm talking about.

Since this is my very first time attempting a graduation design, I decided to keep everything simple and subtle. The overall look is good enough for me as far as graduation nails go though. :)

I have no idea why do nail salons charge so much when you do graduation nail art because it's really easy and fun to do on your own! All you need are the colours that you've chosen (and it's really up to your own creativity here) and a sponge applicator. The sponge will just make the colours look more natural when fading into each other because when you use the polish brush directly, there's usually a harsh line.

(at this point of the entry, I accidentally clicked "create post"! this is also the second time I'm typing this post as I deleted it by accident previously. grrrrr!)

The sponge that I used is specially for graduation design and it can be bought at Etude House. My best friend gave it to me though! Anyway, I've seen girls using a make-up sponge which I think works as well. You can even use the brush directly if you just want it to be done quickly with no fuss. The sponge is easy to work with though.

First, I painted the first colour which is Curry Up Don't Be Late by OPI onto the sponge

Then I lightly pressed it onto my nails as far as I want the colour to go. This is after I "sponged" the gold onto my nails.


Next, I applied the next colour which was a light purple, Home By Dawn from Nicole by OPI. I "sponged" this about two-thirds of the gold.

Next, I applied the final colour which was a slightly darker purple 3 Plums, I Win! by OPI. This was "sponged" onto about half the previous purple.

Finally, I "sponged" on a bit more of the darker purple on the tips of my nails to make the colours look more graduated. Not sure if this is making any sense. Haha. Final look!

Top it off with my fave Seche Vite top coat!

Lastly, I have another nail design to share! This is kind of a music notes design.

I tried this out for fun the other night on someone else. I used the same gold as the above design, Curry Up Don't Be Late by OPI.

The reason why I painted this design on this person is because...

He plays the guitar pretty much all the time! Yes, the person is a "he", and he is my boyfriend who very sweetly let me experiment on his nails. hehe.

I put up some of the pictures with flash cos these were all taken at night and the colours somehow look more true and vibrant with flash. I have no idea when will I have the luxury to do my nails in the daytime again cos I'm starting work on Monday! :D

Thanks for reading everyone!

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