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Fall Inspired Graduation and Music Notes

posted by andielim on October 23, 2010 6:07 am


I'm back with a new post and a new nail design everyone! Thanks everyone for the support shown here, my previous blog post with my sister's nautical nails was even featured on Onsugar's official blog! :D

Today I did a fall inspired graduation design on my nails, with fall colours gold and purple. Yes, Singapore doesn't have a fall season and I'm still doing a fall inspired nail look. :P Anyway, for those who don't know, a graduation design means a colour gradually fading into another colour along the nail. Here's a picture of my nails for a better idea of what I'm talking about.

Since this is my very first time attempting a graduation design, I decided to keep everything simple and subtle. The overall look is good enough for me as far as graduation nails go though. :)

I have no idea why do nail salons charge so much when you do graduation nail art because it's really easy and fun to do on your own! All you need are the colours that you've chosen (and it's really up to your own creativity here) and a sponge applicator. The sponge will just make the colours look more natural when fading into each other because when you use the polish brush directly, there's usually a harsh line.

(at this point of the entry, I accidentally clicked "create post"! this is also the second time I'm typing this post as I deleted it by accident previously. grrrrr!)

The sponge that I used is specially for graduation design and it can be bought at Etude House. My best friend gave it to me though! Anyway, I've seen girls using a make-up sponge which I think works as well. You can even use the brush directly if you just want it to be done quickly with no fuss. The sponge is easy to work with though.

First, I painted the first colour which is Curry Up Don't Be Late by OPI onto the sponge

Then I lightly pressed it onto my nails as far as I want the colour to go. This is after I "sponged" the gold onto my nails.


Next, I applied the next colour which was a light purple, Home By Dawn from Nicole by OPI. I "sponged" this about two-thirds of the gold.

Next, I applied the final colour which was a slightly darker purple 3 Plums, I Win! by OPI. This was "sponged" onto about half the previous purple.

Finally, I "sponged" on a bit more of the darker purple on the tips of my nails to make the colours look more graduated. Not sure if this is making any sense. Haha. Final look!

Top it off with my fave Seche Vite top coat!

Lastly, I have another nail design to share! This is kind of a music notes design.

I tried this out for fun the other night on someone else. I used the same gold as the above design, Curry Up Don't Be Late by OPI.

The reason why I painted this design on this person is because...

He plays the guitar pretty much all the time! Yes, the person is a "he", and he is my boyfriend who very sweetly let me experiment on his nails. hehe.

I put up some of the pictures with flash cos these were all taken at night and the colours somehow look more true and vibrant with flash. I have no idea when will I have the luxury to do my nails in the daytime again cos I'm starting work on Monday! :D

Thanks for reading everyone!

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lovely gradual nails! I need to try that out soon.

posted by

thank you! you should try it out cos it's really easy and fun and i see that you have a huge collection of nail polishes!

posted by

ur boyfriend nails very ugly the thumb esp nv cut properly

posted by

the graduated nails look really cute :) and your boyfriend is soo nice to let you do that! haha mine would've never said yes :P

posted by

Weeky don't say that about yourself! haha. actually i realised that you have very nice nails. your nails are nicer than mine!

posted by

thank you saltpepper27! He is very nice but he sort of had no choice but to say yes though. :P Right Weeky?

posted by CherryW

Super nice color combi!! You make it look so easy :P now i gotta buy more nail polishes.. i currently only have 1 nail polish at home :X how long do nail polishes last generally?

posted by K :)

Yay andrea! you succeeded! hahahaha! btw..the musical notes look cute on headache king's fingers..hahaha..good job! :D

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CherryW: It really is easy! :) Nail polishes usually last forever for me. It also depends on often I use it, I stock up on my top coat pretty often cos I use it the most. For the other colours, they usually last for a reeeaally long time.

Katy: Thanks for the sponge too! :D Xmas and CNY okay!

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